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Whipped Body Butter 9oz

Whipped Body Butter 9oz

Shea butter whipped to perfection for a nice soft even spread onto the skin. Feels like a whipped mousse! Shea butter is highly moisturizing using to target dry skin and eczema. Also helps with blemishes and itchy skin. Shea butter is known to reduce stretch marks and aid with skin inflammation. Now in bigger jars for the same price! 9oz of whipped butter to last you much longer. Shea butter is made with sweet almond and sunflower oil. These high end carrier oils add to bringing your skin more moisture to lock in the best skin benefits possible and softer skin! The carrier oils are odorless.


Restrictions: Avoid eating, avoid direct heat and avoid water exposure.


Ingredients Include: African shea butter, sunflower oil and almond oil. Fragrance.


Shelf life- The great thing about oils and butters is that the shelf life is very long, it's almost like they never expire. This body butter can last anywhere from 3 years or longer.

The oils used are odorless, so you will not detect an almond smell or a sunflower smell. In order to detect if your product has gone bad it will have a rancid smell. This product was made without water.

  • No Return/Refunds

    Hello there! Please be advised that there are no returns or refunds on your selected items. Due to products being made fresh upon order and with the pandemic going on there will be no returns nor refunds. It would be immediately discarded upon arrival if it were to be returned back to the company. So, please be sure when ordering your items. Thank you!

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