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Hi Guys!


Thank you for stopping by! Just to share a bit of information about myself and our company! My name is Jill and I am the owner and creator of Skincare Essentials By Jill, LLC!  I am a nurse by trade for 16 years plus now.


Skincare Essentials By Jill all began from my precious daughter.


In 2019 my daughter was born with infant eczema and many kinds of food allergies. Early on upon many doctor visits it didn't sit well with me to use steroid based cream on a newborn baby's skin to manage her eczema. I remember coming home and feeling defeated in what I could do to help her as I would just look at her seeing her face crack and peel. Aside from being her mother the nurse side in me was determined to see how I can help my daughter in a more natural way.

After much research of seeing how to manage eczema, many articles, blogs and websites kept referring back to shea butter. I applied my nursing science knowledge and took skin care classes on ingredients and formulas and created my own batch of a natural special shea butter to help manage eczema. After using it on my daughter, her skin started to noticably improve! At the time I wasn't even thinking of establishing a business. I was just happy to see my daughters skin improving. Shortly after my thoughts developed into  " If I'm going to help my daughter, I'm going to help others" After all, its the nurse in me!

As they say, the rest was history!


Soon after many more products were added. I started participating at local vending events and establishing a strong online presence through advertising, my website and social media. With each website restock or vending opportunity I would sell out very fast.  I soon became a #1 seller at events and word of mouth spread fast to other people in need of natural skincare products to manage their skin. What set my business apart from larger corporations is that people enjoy knowing what their putting on their skin, the world has shifted to more of a natural approach. Even in regards to headaches as an example, I hear many people say what natural essentials oils can I use, as opposed to running straight for medications. 

Our growth for this company has been drastic and has branched out in avenues I never seen coming. We now have 14 plus items in our shop and have many alternatives for people with skin sensitivities such as nut free products and a seperate column of each product that gives people the option to have their items unscented. Many people have fragrance sensitivities as well. We believe no one should miss out on quality skincare due to an allergy or sensitivity. We provide high quality ingredients, and no short cuts are ever made. Our motto from Skincare Essentials is "healthy and smooth skin is always in!"

We are proud to announce many wonderful things with the growth and establishment of Skincare Essentials By Jill, LLC. Beginning in 2022 we are adding clothing apparel for all of our lovely customers who would like to wear our brand. In addition we are adding private label wholesale! We make the product, you label it! Meaning you create your own business name/logo and sale it for whatever price you see fit. This is helping others to generate their own income as well or add an additional line of business into their home or work establishment! It's that easy. Also lets not forget the release of the amazing skincare vending machine that was released in August 2021 inside the Walden Galleria mall in Buffalo ,NY! Placed on the lower level in front of the previous Lord N Taylor store. This wonderful unique release has caused me to be placed on multiple news stations and local radio stations! 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via email. Once again thank you for stopping by! Affectionate known as your moisturizing nurse...Jill!

Skincare Essentials by Jill was made for those who have dealt with skin irritations including dry skin,  and not seeing results from store purchased lotions and creams. Our love and concern for those who have dealt with frustrations including skin eczema has motivated this company to provide the very best of moisturizing agents out there. We pride ourselves on using natural and chemical free, vegan friendly products. 

We continue to learn and provide our very best for keeping our company natural and chemical free while providing the best to the public.  If you would like something "tweaked"  to be adjusted to your needs, please let us know! Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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