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Rosewater For Healthy Hair/Face Toner Refill Half Gallon

Rosewater For Healthy Hair/Face Toner Refill Half Gallon

Pure Authentic Rosewater. The benefits of Rosewater are amazing. Not only is it great for your face but great for your hair. Very high in vitamins A,C,D,E. All of which strengthen the hair and assist with reducing hair shedding which can help promote hair growth. Rosewater helps balance the PH of your scalp, which can assist with scalp dermatitis, itchy scalp, dandruff and can reduce oiliness. Can provide softness to the hair and a wonderful shine. Plus what’s better than feeding your scalp & hair with natural vitamins. Can be used in shower for hair washing and rinsing. May leave on hair for final rinse. Can also be added in a spray bottle for your daily hair spraying and also can be helpful in refilling your Rosewater toner bottle back up! So many lovely uses. Since this is pure undiluted Rosewater it is recommended to pour contents into cup for hair washing half plain water, half Rosewater. Yes it is ok and safe to dilute your separate containers. Same for spray bottles. Ingredients Include: Distilled H20, roses. Please store in refrigerator ** No preservative has been added. Ingredients : Distilled H2O, Roses, essential oils.

This large size is meant to be kept in the fridge, while in fridge shelf life is between 3 -6 months.

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