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Men’s Moisturizing Body Oil 8oz

Men’s Moisturizing Body Oil 8oz

Body oil safe to use from head to toe. Combined with the best moisturizing carrier oils. Light and leaves a non greasy feeling. Leaves a nice lingering scent all day as well.  Infused with skin vitamins to keep the skin healthy and nourished.


Restrictions: Avoid placing oils in private areas, avoid eyes and open wounds on skin.


Ingredients Include: Sunflower & sweet almond oil, argan oil, vit e, fragrace.


Shelf life- The great thing about oils and butters is that the shelf life is very long, it's almost like they never expire. This body oil can last anywhere from 3 years or longer. 


The oils are odorless, so you will not detect an almond smell or a sunflower smell. In order to detect if your oil has gone bad it will have a rancid smell.

  • Return Policy

    There is no return or refund on this item. Since this item is a product mixed with other ingredients and due to COVID 19, there will be no refunds or returns due to this. 

    Once product would return to business address, the product would be immediately discarded. Please carefully select all products when ordering to avoid any service interruptions. 

    Thank you

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