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Men's Body Oil/ Private Label Wholesale

Men's Body Oil/ Private Label Wholesale

$13/ Unit of 10 = $130

MSRP: $20-$35, container size: 6oz

Label measurement: 6 inches in height. 1.75 inches in width


This lovely body oil mixture is light and refreshing! Doesn’t clog pores, doesn’t feel heavy nor does it clog pores.

Combined with 4 lovely carrier oils. May even be poured into bath water for an ultimate moisturizing experience.


Use to moisturize or hydrate areas on skin where needed.


Do not ingest or apply onto open wounds.


This will be in the silver top lid/bottle.



prunus amygdalus (sweet almond oil), Carthamus tinctorius(safflower oil), Alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), argania spinosa (argan oil).

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