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Face So Healthy- Face Moisturizer 2.5

Face So Healthy- Face Moisturizer 2.5

I've heard your requests, your lovely facial moisturing oil has arrived! Made with 4 lovely oils, the best oils on earth to manage acne, face scarring, also assisting with balancing your face oil production, and facial dryness. The main function of this face oil is to moisturize the skin and prevent dehydration. What’s even better is that this oil can be used as a face cleanser. Infused with carrot seed oil which is a powerful antioxidant for aging and regenerating cell properties. Keep your skin vibrant and glowing.

Non pore clogging. Also this oil is a antifungal, antibacterial, antiinflammatory, and antioxidant properties! Need I say more. This comes in a dropper bottle for easy distribution.


Restrictions- Refrain from entering eyes

Ingredients: tamanu, argan, primrose, carrot seed oil. Lavender E/O,Rose E/O Shelf Life- 1-2 years

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