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Face Mask 2oz/ Private Label Wholesale

Face Mask 2oz/ Private Label Wholesale

$10 / unit of ten= $100

MSRP- $20-$30

Label measurements : 6 inches in width , 1.25 inches in height

2oz glass jar

This mask is designed to assist those who suffer with skin inflammation, acne, dark spots, scars, hyperpigmentation, and many other skin concerns. Keeps your face smooth and helps remove oil build up on face. Glowing & refined. Clay imported from India itself. This jar is packed to the brim giving you a solid 8-10 uses out of it if not more. Do not use metal! Metal will break down the components of the clay. Gives your face a lovely glow. Instructions- Apply mask before getting into the shower/ bath. Let mask stay on face for 5-8 minutes. Do not let mask harden completely on face . It will remove all the moisture if you let it harden entirely. Rinse, cleanse face. Afterwards apply your facial toner to remove excess. Then apply a light facial moisturizer. Repeat this process twice a week! See your face naturally transform itself. Removes dirt and oil from your face.

Restrictions: Keep out of heat and direct sunlight. Avoid eyes.

Ingredients Include: Betonite clay, rose clay, honey, rose water, vit e, aloe vera.

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