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Eczema Body Butter 9oz

Eczema Body Butter 9oz

This body butter is totally different than the other body butter on this site. Specially designed and crafted to those who suffer with eczema, rashes and skin irritations.

The picture in the image display is a actual picture of a eczema flare up. Within days of using this special formula, it healed drastically. Use multiple times throughout the day until area clears up. Made carefully with shea butter, honey, argan oil and skin vitamins. All which keep the skin healthy in appearance and tea tree oil which helps control bacterial and fungal infections.


Restrictions: Refrain from eating or placing on open wounds. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Shelf Life: Up to 3 years. Oils and body butter have a great shelf life. You will be able to tell if the body butter has gone bad by the smell. If it smells rancid it should be replaced. This product will remain fragrance free due to the careful consideration of this product on the skin. If rash or hives develop please discontinue.

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