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Black Soap Face & Body Cleanser 10oz

Black Soap Face & Body Cleanser 10oz

Benefits of black soap face wash! Safe for most skin types, has antibacterial properties, helps treat acne, reduces the appearnce of dark spots and reduces razor bumps. Great for "Maskne" irritations-acne and irritations caused by daily face mask use. May reduce the impact of eczema.

Made with essential oils that have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Made in a foam dispenser for a lovely foamy distribution onto the face. Avoid soap in eyes. Please follow up with a face moisturizer since black soap can be a bit drying. Face so lovely moisturizer on the next page would go along nicely with this product!


Ingredients: Black Soap imported from Ghana, Vitamin E, Lemon EO, almond oil, distilled H2O, natural preservative.


Shelf Life: 3-6 months

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