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Black Soap/ Private Label Wholesale

Black Soap/ Private Label Wholesale

$8.65/Unit of ten $86.50

MSRP: $16-$20

6oz-Distributes in a foam

Label measurements- 5 inches in width, 5 inches in height


Black soap is simply wonderful. Black soap is a anti fungal, anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory. It provides a deep clean to the face while removing dirt effectively and oil build up. It has been highly requested since the pandemic since many people suffer with acne and oil build up from their mask. Assists with evening out skin tone. Made with lovely essential oils that fight Acne and assist with keeping your skin very clear.

Wet face, dispense foam on hands or a gentle face scrub brush apply in circular motions on skin for 90 seconds, rinse with cool wager. Comes out in a foam, which makes it even creamier and very smooth for your face.


Use up to 3 times a week ( per skin needs). Black soap can be harsh (to some) if used everyday. Please follow up with a good moisturizer, the face so healthy moisturizer is lovely paired with this.



ose dudu (black soap), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), rose otto and lemon , distilled water, paraben preservative.

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