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Basket Services

Basket Services

Need the perfect gift for someone already prepared? Who doesn’t love a skincare gift basket? ☺️. You pick out any items you want and order separately, placing those items in your shopping cart, select the basket item as well and let skincare essentials prepare a gift basket for you with your yummy goodies in your basket all set and ready to go! For this amazing price your basket is included and the decor! And your skincare products will be situated very lovely in a orderly arranged fashion. If there is a special color you would like incorporated in your basket please let us know, along with a special theme such as a anniversary or a get well soon basket. We will work hard to add a couple of those items in your basket to really make it stand out. It can be as big or as small as you like. When your order is being placed in the notes section please mention what items you would like to be placed inside your basket 🎁


The skincare basket is complied of the individual products that you select to have placed inside your basket. You can find a list of ingredients under each product item selected and shelf life.

  • Return Policy

    There is no return or refund on this item. Since this item is a product mixed with other ingredients and due to COVID 19, there will be no refunds or returns due to this. 

    Once product would return to business address, the product would be immediately discarded. Please carefully select all products when ordering to avoid any service interruptions. 

    Thank you

$14.00 Regular Price
$13.00Sale Price
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