African Soap Shampoo Bars

African Soap Shampoo Bars

These shampoo bars are nothing less than amazing. Combined with 4 soap butters and the best hair oils in the market to help encourage hair growth. All in a massage bar to stimulate your scalp while washing. Feel the lovely bead like massage kneading your scalp. 

Infused with honey, Shea, mango, and cocoa butters! And the key ingredient being pure African black soap which is highly rich in vitamins giving your hair and scalp a lovely rich cleansing experience, adding to hair growth. 

Castor oil and a natural preservative added. Infused with a light lovely fragrance called butt naked

Argan oil included to keep your hair looking healthy . 

*This product is in route to home store, may order now but please give business owner time to prepare the product upon delivery* 

This bar lathers very well✨

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