Turmeric Brown Sugar Face Scrub 8oz

Turmeric Brown Sugar Face Scrub 8oz

What a lovely sugar scrub this is! And the best part of it all is that it’s in brown sugar.... which means it’s much more softer for the face and to exfoliate your face often. Turmeric for the skin is known to be high in antioxidants that help to deep clean pores and remove dead skin cells. Known to naturally brighten the skin which helps to even out the skin tone complexion. Turmeric not only fights pimples and breakouts but regular use can also clear acne scars and inflammation. Turmeric lessens the oil secretion created on the face and is a great exfoliant!The sugar scrub base is also made with other lovely properties to help maintain your skin to be soft and healthy. Ingredients listed below so please be aware in case you may have an allergy: also while using this product if hives or a red rash or an irritation of some sort occurs please discontinue use. Everyone’s results may be different. This product is not intended to cure. If great results happen than that is great. But however everyone’s experience is always different. Left unscented due to awareness of products on face and face sensitivities.


Restrictions: Avoid ingesting, avoid open woulds on skin.


** This one is perfect for daily facial mask irritation caused to the nose and chin area amongst the COVID 19**



Ingredients Include: Glycerin, turmeric, brown sugar, almond oil, honey, vit e.



Shelf life- The great thing about oils and butters is that the shelf life is very long, it's almost like they never expire. This body scrub can last anywhere from 3 years or longer. 

The oils are odorless, so you will not detect an almond smell or a sunflower smell. In order to detect if your product has gone bad it will have a rancid smell. This product was made without water.



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